Organizational Meetings

Organizational Meeting held April 13, 2021 at the Village Clerk’s Office at 7:00 PM.
Executive Staff: Mayor and Trustees
Streets and Sanitation: Trustees
Public Safety: Mayor and Deputy Mayor
Recreations and Parks: Richard Bush
Water Management: Trustees
Local Laws: Trustees
Youth Representation: Matthew Smart
Assessors: Trustees: Chairman, Karen Lacey
Fire Officer: Michael Smith
Board of Appeals: Gary Osterman & Rodney Heale
Zoning Inspector, County: Wyoming County Fire & Building
Zoning Officer Robert Hodgson
Budget Officer: Mayor and Michael Lacey
Audit and Control: Michael Lacey
Deputy Mayor: Michael Smith
Registrar of Vital Statistics: Cheryl Strathearn
Official Newspapers: The Daily News
Clerk/Treasurer: Karen Lacey
Deputy Clerk: Melanie Goulet
Official Depositories: Community Bank & NYCLASS
Village Attorney: Mason Meyer
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Memorial Day Committee: Michael Smith
Recycling Coordinator: Richard Bush
Legion: Michael Smith
Fire Department: Michael Smith
Marriage Officer: Michael Smith, Nathan Norton
Planning Committee: Scott Northup
Connie Norton
William Neal
Kathryn Hollinger
Debby Smith
Meetings held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Village Clerk’s Office at 90 Main Street, Wyoming, NY.