Village of Wyoming Water Rate Schedule

Adopted June 9, 2020


Water Rate to Pay Annual Water System Operation & Maintenance

            Base Rate = $32.00/quarter minimum bill

            $4.10 per 1,000 gallons consumed per quarter.

            Every water user connected to the system receives a $32.00 base bill per quarter to pay towards the operation and maintenance expenses of the system plus $4.10 per thousand gallons actually consumed.

Water Improvement Debt Service Charge

          $66.08/quarter per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU)

Water Improvement Debt Service Repayment Methodology

Debt service will be billed under the EDU concept a where a typical residential user would be assessed 1 EDU and rental, commercial and industrial users would be assessed multiple EDUs based upon their average annual consumption relative to a typical residential users base EDU gallons of water consumed per month  (i.e. it is determined that a typical residential user consumes 4,000 gallons of water per month – a commercial user that averages 16,000 gallons per quarter would be assessed 4 EDUs (16,000/4,000 = 4 EDUs).


Because the Village of Wyoming does not have prior water usage records, EDUs have been assigned based upon historical usage amounts seen across systems throughout New York State. After the Village has two years of actual operating data, the assigned EDUs to users other than residential users can be adjusted up or down based upon actual typical residential usage numbers to establish a base charge that will be divided into the actual average consumption numbers of the individual businesses.


Water Rate to Pay Annual Water System Operation & Maintenance  & Debt Service

Example Bill Residential User with a 12,000-gallon water quarterly usage:

O&M Charge = $32.00 minimum plus 12*$4.10/1,000 gallons consumed = $81.20

Add water improvement debt service charge: $66.08

$147.28 total quarterly bill (O&M  and Capital Improvement Charge).